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Bill Murray Slo-Mo: Still Discovering Cool Stuff He Did Years Ago (Video)

Legend of Bill Murray's cool exploits grows

Bill Murray is celebrated for dropping suddenly and casually into fans' lives: There's the kickball story. And the "no one is ever going to believe you story." And now this.

Apparently Murray does so many strange, wonderful things that one from two years ago is only now getting wide notice. A group of fans and film lovers met Murray and asked if he would walk with them in slow-motion. Being Bill Murray, he said okay.

One of the fans, Tripp Adams, then cleverly cut together the footage into a Wes Andersonesque trailer. And another, David Walton Smith, posted it online, explaining, "This is not a trailer for a real film. Bill Murray was kind enough to grant us our wish of walking down the hallway in slow motion — simple. This is better than autograph."

Yes it is. And thanks to Reddit and BadAss Digest, which recently posted the video, now all the world can finally enjoy it.