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Glenn Beck, Richard Spencer Among Those Blaming Black Lives Matter for Chicago Kidnapping

Police tell TheWrap they have found no connection between the crime and the organization

Glenn Beck is among the high-profile conservatives blaming the Black Lives Matter movement for the kidnapping and torture of a white special needs man at the hands of four black teenagers in Chicago.

Alt-right leader Richard Spencer, who made headlines earlier this year for saying America belongs to white people at a rally in Washington, D.C., is also blaming the movement founded by activists after Trayvon Martin’s death in 2013.

Chicago Police arrested four 18-year-old people accused of tormenting the special needs man in a video posted on Facebook Live, but there is no proof that Black Lives Matter was involved. An officer with Chicago police media relations told TheWrap he was not aware of any connection between the suspects and the organization, and said police had not indicated otherwise.

“That wouldn’t be a thing that would come from us,” Officer Michael Carroll said. He added that no one else had inquired about whether the attack had anything to do with Black Lives Matter.

Despite what police said, prominent conservatives are blaming the group for the video, in which assailants are shown yelling at the bound and gagged man, and cutting his shirt open.


See more of Twitter outrage directed at Black Lives Matter below: