‘Blackish’ Star Tracee Ellis Ross Says Famous Mother Diana Was Present Parent (Video)

“She is a mom first and foremost,” actress tells “Sunday Today” host Willie Geist

“Blackish” star Tracee Ellis Ross said her mother, music icon Diana Ross, was “a mom before she’s a lady that sings on stage in sparkly clothes.”

The Golden Globe-winning actress sat down with “Sunday Today” host Willie Geist, who asked if her childhood felt normal despite growing up with a famous mother.

“She is a mom first and foremost,” Ellis Ross told Geist. “When we were kids she never left for longer than a week. She would record at night when we were sleeping so she could still have dinner with us, put us to bed and wake us up in the morning.”

Ellis Ross said not everything was normal, as she visited the White House by age seven and was once painted by Andy Warhol.

“I’ve had a lot of experiences that are not normal. Most people, when their parents go to work, people don’t bang on the car to try to follow them, touch them,” she said. “I feel really blessed. Not because my mom was Diana Ross but because I had a great mommy.”

The entire interview airs Sunday, March 26 on “Sunday Today with Willie Geist.”