‘Bounty Hunter’ Captures DVD Sales, Rental Charts

Romantic comedy unseats “Percy Jackson” and “Hot Tub Time Machine” in first week of release

Audiences made it a romantic comedy night last week propelling “The Bounty Hunter” to the top of the DVD rentals and sales charts.

The Jennifer Anniston/Gerard Butler take on the evergreen “opposites attract, but only after a lot of bickering” concept unseated “Percy Jackson & the Olympians” and “Hot Tub Machine” in its first week of release, according to Rentrak.

The week’s other premiere, the critically reviled “Our Family Wedding” with Forest Whitaker, took advantage of the anemic competition to nab the second and fifth slots on the sales and rental charts respectively.

“Percy Jackson” and “Hot Tub” had divvied up the DVD market for the past two weeks, but had to settle for a runner up status in their third week of release. Family friendly “Percy Jackson” was the third strongest selling disc and the sixth most rented film, while “Hot Tub” captured sixth place on the sales chart and second place on the rental chart.

Next week brings the debuts of Kevin Smith’s certain to be forgotten at awards time comedy “Cop Out” and Kristen Stewart’s take on rocker Joan Jett with “The Runaways.”