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Box Office to the Dogs, Again

UPDATED: From Media By Numbers. Here’s the box office numbers, quick and dirty:

"Beverly Hills Chihuahua" is top dog, again, taking in $17.5 million, according to studio estimates.

"Quarantine," the pulpy horror film from Sony’s Screen Gems, took in $14 million.

"Body of Lies" is a head-scratcher. Here’s an A-list director, Ridley Scott, with a AAA-list cast — Leo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe — in a thriller that has had a little to no traction. The Warner Bros film opened in 2,700 theaters and took in a modest $12.5   $13.1 million.

Is the Ridley-Russell dynamic duo worn out? This is the second joint endeavor of theirs to disappoint at the box office. Last year "American Gangster" did decent, not great, business. But the previous year’s effort, "A Good Year," was an unvarnished disaster, taking in a total of $7.4 million (!!) in this country.

Elsewhere on the list, "Eagle Eye" took in another $10 $11 mill, and good old "Nick and Norah" found $6.5 3 mill at the box office.