Box Office: “House Bunny” Gives “Tropic Thunder” A Run for the Money

Update: Final weekend boxo office estimates are out from Media By Numbers. As expected, "Tropic Thunder" won the weekend, bringing its total box office take to $65.6 million:

Tropic Thunder: $16.1 million.

The House Bunny: $15.1 million

Death Race: $12.3 million

The Dark Knight: $10.3 million

What can we say about our popular culture when "House Bunny," a celebration of dumb blondeness, threatens to edge out "Tropic Thunder," a celebration of Hollywood self-obsesssion?

Studio sources tell me the early box office estimates for the weekend give the Ben Stiller comedy the edge, taking $15.2 million for the weekend for a cumulative total of $64 million, but the heavily-promoted Anna Faris comedy was not far behind, taking an estimated $14.8 million. "The House Bunny" actually beat "Tropic Thunder" in the Friday tally — $6.2 million to $4.6 million.

"The Dark Knight" finally fell from its stratospheric heights to 4th position; it will take in $9.9 million if the trends hold. Don’t forget, though, that it is now the second highest-grossing film (domestically) in Hollywood history. "Death Race" took in a respectable $12.2 million.

We’ll have the official numbers for you tomorrow.