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Brad Garrett Mocks Bill Cosby With Impression: ‘I Put a Roofie in the Jello’ (Video)

The ”Everybody Loves Raymond“ star also took a swipe at former co-star Ray Romano

Brad Garrett took some pot shots at Bill Cosby over the sexual abuse scandal surrounding the embattled comedian.

“I put the roofie in the Jello.. I didn’t do it…These women, they-first of all, none of them, not one said ‘No.,'” Garrett said mockingly while imitating Cosby’s voice during an appearance on the “Sway in the Morning” radio show.

Cosby recruited Garrett to appear on “The Tonight Show” when Cosby was guest hosting for Johnny Carson. However, Garrett revealed that he could only appear on the condition he didn’t use the impression of Cosby that was a cornerstone of his standup act at the time.

“I’m out there, and I’m three minutes in and it’s not going well,” Garrett recalled of bombing during his guest spot on the show.

But at the end of the set Garrett said he launched into his Cosby impression, drawing huge laughs from the crowd. Afterwards, Cosby refused to speak to Garrett on the plane ride home.

At the time of this publishing, Cosby has been accused of rape by 37 women. Last Friday, a former guest actress on “The Cosby Show” accused Cosby of drugging and forcing himself on her.

Garrett also took a swipe at his former co-star Ray Romano. Garrett used a Ray Romano impression when he said, “My wallet is so heavy because I forgot to pay the rest of the cast.” Garrett was almost written out of “Everybody Loves Raymond’s” Season 8 premiere when he demanded a pay raise in 2003.

Watch the video. (Garrett’s comments on Cosby begins at the 8:00 mark.)

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