‘Breaking Bad’: Aaron Paul Reveals Walter White in Pink, With Doomed Teddy Bear (Photos)

Heisenberg and his little friend are breaking adorable

Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston have only been broken up a few weeks, but Paul is already getting all sappy and posting old pictures of his “Breaking Bad” co-star on Instagram.

The photos of Cranston find the former Walter White looking matchy-matchy with the pink teddy bear who crash landed in the White family pool in Season 2. It turns out the former Heisenberg is as fond of pink as Marie was of purple. The pictures were first posted by “Breaking Bad” writer-producer Moira Walley-Beckett.

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“I miss this man,” said Paul.

Dude, have some pride. He’s moved on. (Though, OK, we miss him, too.)

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Maybe it was a drunk tweet: Paul’s Instagram handle is glassofwhiskey.

Check out the amazing photos:

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