‘Breaking Bad’ Finale Generates 5.5 Million Facebook Interactions (Exclusive)

AMC drama has comments or “likes” from over 3 million Facebook users

“Breaking Bad” is a social media smash.

The AMC drama’s finale airing generated over 5.5 million interactions from more than 3 million Facebook users, according to official numbers obtained by TheWrap.

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The series about a high school chemistry teacher turned meth kingpin has been a subject of debate and discussion throughout its last season. Not including last night’s episode, the show’s last season generated 23 million Facebook interactions from 11 million users.
“Breaking Bad”s’ fifth and final season was split into two-parts.
Although it was always a critical hit, the show has picked up popular support as it accelerated towards its explosive final episode. Ratings on the show have more than doubled, as fans have binge watched past seasons on Netflix and caught on to a program that overflows with “water-cooler” moments.
And where better to discuss those twists and turns than the world’s largest social network?