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‘Breaking Bad’ Season 5 Teaser: Walter White Declares Himself Dangerous, Like We Didn’t Know Already (Video)

A brief but mouth-watering taste of "Breaking Bad" Season 5 starts off with a bang, and then gets scary

"Breaking Bad" fans are counting the days until the Season 5 premiere on July 15, and while the latest promo for the series' swan song doesn't do much to illuminate the upcoming season, it does give viewers a little taste that will keep them on pins and needles, just like a bump of Walter White's pioneering blue meth.

The new teaser, which hit the Internet today, revisits the infamous demise of Gus Fring that ended Season 4 like a gore-covered exclamation mark, then moves on to everyone's favorite teacher-turned-meth king, Walter White, laying things out for his wife Skyler.

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"I am not in danger," White tells her. "I am the danger!"

We shall see….

Check out the teaser in the video.

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