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Brett Ratner Apologizes Again — Sorta (Video)

"Happy Endings" star Adam Pally takes a lighthearted dig at disgraced would-be Oscars producer

Brett Ratner isn't done apologizing for his homophobic slur — at least not at the comedy-video site Funny or Die.

In a new clip, "Happy Endings" star Adam Pally spoofs the "Tower Heist" director, who was compelled to resign as producer of the 84th Academy Awards on Tuesday, after opining that "rehearsal's for fags" during a screening for "Tower Heist" and making raunchy statements during an appearance on Howard Stern's radio show.

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In the video, Pally envisions a Ratner video apology that goes awry when the helmsman proves incompetent at operating his computer's web camera. ("This is why Scorsese still shoots on film," Pally-as-Ratner huffs.)

In the end Pally/Ratner, exasperated by his own incompetence, throws in the towel, opining, "No one's gonna care about this; it's gonna blow over."

Check out the spoof in the video.