Brian Stelter Offered Jobs by Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld and Babylon Bee – and Other Conservative Dunks on Ousted CNN Host

Greg Gutfeld, host of Fox News’ now-No. 1 show in late-night, was first to reach out with a helping … uh, back-hand

Brian Stelter and Greg Gutfeld
Brian Stelter and Greg Gutfeld

It didn’t take long for the job offers to start rolling in for Brian Stelter – and those were some of the better attempted conservative Twitter dunks on the “Reliable Sources” host the day his ouster from CNN was announced.

Greg Gutfeld, host and ringleader of Fox News’ after-dark scrum “Gutfeld!,” tweeted mere minutes following the news break Thursday, and kept it simple: “Yo @brianstelter – my show is hiring,” said the host of what is now the highest-rated show in late night.

No doubt the Gutfeld crew would, indeed, welcome Stelter to the fray, where he’s been mercilessly mocked over the years (despite a dearth of words that rhyme with “Stelter”).

Presuming Gutfeld’s was at least a halfheartedly sincere offer, it’s equally reasonable to assume that a similar offer at conservative satire site The Babylon Bee was not – given the way the offer was characterized by CEO Seth Dillon.

“We’re looking for talent with experience putting out funny fake news,” Dillon Tweeted. “You come highly recommended.”

Beyond that, right-leaning blue checks flung the usual insults about the recent “Reliable Sources” host’s appearance – playing on an old dig from Donald Trump Jr., who called the soon-to-be-former CNN host “Potato Head” back in 2021.

If it’s true that taking flak means you’re over the target, then Stelter’s targets included a sitting congresswoman — Colorado’s Lauren Boebert, in this case — who like many conservatives, celebrated the dual news of Stelter and Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney being ousted in the same week.

It’s no secret that “Reliable Sources” struggled with ratings in its final months, at least when compared with its previous seasons in CNN’s Sunday-morning timeslot. That led to a lot of jokes about who, exactly, would be disappointed to learn that this coming Sunday would be its last:

And then there were just your usual garden-variety mean tweets: