Brian Williams on Sharing Sochi Hotel With Bob Costas: ‘I Took a Purell Shower 3, 4 Times a Day’ (Video)

The “NBC Nightly News” anchor shares his Russian troubles with old friend Seth Meyers

Bob Costas’ Sochi double-eye infection became one of the most dramatic subplots of the 2014 Winter Olympics, especially for those bunking with him in the NBC Russian hotel.

Brian Williams shared his Sochi woes with Seth Meyers on Monday night, which included an inability to get breakfast, cultural differences and perhaps the worst: “I had Costas on my floor.”

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“I took a Purell shower 3, 4 times a day,” Williams joked on “Late Night.”

But then, the “Nightly News” anchor got real. “For him, it’s what election night is for me — it’s what you study for for years.”

“I could not heal him and it was disturbing to me,” Williams added. “I was watching him fade from my grasp.”

Watch the clip: