Bristol Palin Gets in Bar Fight, Reveals Her Gaydar Powers (Video)

Sarah Palin's daughter has the power to detect homosexual folks at a single glance. Who knew?

Last Updated: December 25, 2013 @ 6:14 PM

Bristol Palin is a young woman of many talents. Not only was she able to spin her underage pregnancy into quasi-celebrity, but now, as it turns out, she’s able to ferret out gay people at a single glance.

The 20-year-old daughter of beloved conservative icon Sarah Palin was enjoying an evening of mechanical bull-riding and filming for her upcoming reality show at West Hollywood’s Saddle Ranch Chop House when she was accosted by a lout who had some not-so-kind words for her maternal unit.

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“Your mother is a whore,” the detractor hissed. “Your mother is a f–king devil.”

Being the family-values advocate that she is, Palin confronted her mother’s accuser.

“Is it because you’re a homosexual? … [T]hat’s why you hate her?” Palin asked.

To which her confronter replied, “And why do you say I’m a homosexual?”

“Because I can tell you are,” Palin asserted.

Watch Bristol Palin reveal her remarkable powers of deduction in the video above.

It’s just a pity that Bristol couldn’t compete on “Dancing With the Stars” again this season; then the world would know if she possesses the same power with the transgendered.


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