Britney Spears’ Claws Come Out in ‘X Factor’ First Look (Video)

Watch Britney Spears shoot down singing hopefuls in "X Factor" sneak peek

Don't worry about Britney Spears going easy on the contestants on "The X Factor" when she debuts on the reality competition this season.

Spears and former Disney star Demi Lovato replace ousted judges Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul on the series' second season, which premieres Sept. 12, and judging from a first-look preview that aired during Tuesday night's MLB All-Star Game, Spears isn't afraid to dish out the criticism.

In fact, some of the comments she makes to the contestants seem downright toxic.

"You can't destroy that song, sweetie," Spears told one aspiring singer.

"Very predictable," she assesses of another number.

"You definitely don't have the X factor," Spears tells yet one more candidate.

Soooo …. Lovato's gonna play the good cop, then?

Watch Spears dish out the disses in the video.