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The Pontiac Bandit Rides Again! Dan Goor Says Craig Robinson Will Return to ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

TCA 2018: ”Probably for one episode,“ showrunner tells TheWrap

Ladies and gentlemen, start your (Pontiac) engines! Doug Judy (Craig Robinson) — a.k.a. the Pontiac Bandit — will return to “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” for Season 6. In case you haven’t heard, this one will be on NBC.

“We are — we’ve only broken through the first six — err, we’ve only broken the beginning of the season, I shouldn’t say exactly,” Goor told TheWrap when we asked about more Doug Judy. “But I can say that Craig Robinson, I believe he’ll be back. Probably for one episode.”

“No, we’ve not seen the last of Doug Judy,” he said a moment later. “Craig will almost definitely be back.”

But what about Adrian Pimento (Jason Mantzoukas), our other favorite guest star?

“I’m always a big fan of seeing Pimento,” Goor said. “I think he’s a big part of the family.”

In case those two don’t float your (police) boat, Goor also told reporters that they’re in talks to bring back Gina Rodriguez, and that Kevin Cozner (Marc Evan Jackson) will “definitely” return.

Season 6 of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” will premiere on NBC in midseason. It was picked up by the home to “The Good Place” roughly 24 hours after Fox canceled the critically beloved comedy.