Bruce Willis, Kellan Lutz Play Deadly Family with Dan Bilzerian in ‘Extraction’ Trailer (Video)

Gina Carano stars in the shoot-em-up about an attempt to recover a CIA operative

Bruce Willis and Kellan Lutz make for an interesting, and rather deadly, father-son team in a new trailer for Lionsgate’s CIA thriller “Extraction.”

Willis stars as Leonard Turner, an agency operative taken captive by a terror network threatening to hijack global communications systems. Lutz stars as his son Harry, on a vengeance spree to save his dad and, naturally, the entire world in the process.

After a brief cameo from Instagram lothario Dan Bilzerian (explore his tasteful universe here), MMA fighter Gina Carano arrives for her first big-screen action romp since 2011’s Channing Tatum spy flick “Haywire.”

Together, Carano and Lutz (who gets some laughs on top of heavy lifting here) beat, shoot and explode their way toward just and a rescue mission for Willis.

“Extraction” arrives in theaters and on VOD on December 18.