Bruno Ganz in ‘The Vatican’: Showtime’s Pope Stars in Internet’s Best Meltdown (Video)

Finally, some good news for a famously furious dictator

We've seen Hitler react badly to a lot of things on the Internet, but he'll probably be happy about this: Bruno Ganz, star of the movie "Downfall" and one of the most popular online memes, has been cast as Pope Sixtus VI in Showtime's new pilot "The Vatican."

Ganz played Hitler in 2004's "Downfall," one scene of which has been endlessly repurposed to show Hitler flipping out over all kinds of news.

You've seen this, right? If not, here's Hitler offering some very specific complaints abut SimCity:

That's acting, folks. Ganz will presumably be nicer to Klye Chandler, who plays Cardinal Thomas Duffy in the pilot.

"The Vatican" is written by Oscar and Emmy nominee Paul Attanasio, and "Gladiator" director Ridley Scott will direct the episode, his first hour of television. Attanasio, Scott and David Zucker will executive produce.