Brussels Bombing: Missing American Couple Located

Justin and Stephanie Shults were among four U.S. citizens reported missing after terrorist attacks

An American couple reported missing after the terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium, on Tuesday have been found, according to a relative.

Justin and Stephanie Shults were in the Belgian city during twin bombings that left at least 30 people dead. Justin’s brother, Levi, posted on Twitter that the couple has been found.

“State department just told my mom justin&steph were found. We do not know the severity of their injuries or what hospital they’re at,” Levi wrote.

Levi previously told NBC News that Stephanie’s mother was in Brussels visiting the couple and that they were dropping her off at the airport on Tuesday morning. Stephanie’s mother was uninjured, but the family has had no contact with Stephanie or Justin since.

The State Department had no comment when TheWrap requested a statement.

Two other Americans in Brussels, brother and sister Sascha and Alexander Pinczowski, were also reported missing by family members per the New York Daily News.

Brussels was rocked Tuesday morning by a series of terrorism attacks, including two explosions at the airport and one at a subway station in the Belgian capital.

Brussels officials raised the terror threat level to four, the highest level. They also shut down all public transportation in the city and advised locals to stay indoors; security was heightened throughout Europe in the wake of the attacks.

Photographs posted on social media captured the aftermath of the explosions, with shattered glass and roof tiles scattered at the airport terminal and other signs of destruction. Other images showed passengers covered in blood and soot.