Bryan Cranston Brings Heisenberg Back During Electronic Daisy Carnival (Video)

“Breaking Bad” actor makes a surprise appearance at annual EDM festival in Las Vegas

Walter White is back — and he likes electronic dance music.

Bryan Cranston, who played the meth kingpin in the hit AMC series “Breaking Bad,” gave fans at the annual Electric Daisy Carnival a treat when he made a surprise appearance on Saturday.

British EDM group Above & Beyond had previously released a track entitled “Walter White.” Before they dropped the song on attendees at the annual Las Vegas EDM festival, Cranston stepped on stage and said, “Say my name.” After an enthusiastic response from the crowd, he followed up with “You’re God damn right.”

Those words famously marked the moment in season five of the show when Walter White fully embraced his criminal persona, Heisenberg.

Cranston then pressed the button that started the song. He tweeted the following morning, “Leaving EDC – Vegas right now. Pulled an all nighter. Old, my ass…Old, my head. Old, my feet…Happy Fathers Day!”

Cranston won four Emmy awards and a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Walter White, with the last season concluding in September 2013.

Watch the video.


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