Bryan Cranston, Jimmy Fallon Suspend Reality in Fake ’90s Soap Opera (Video)

“Breaking Bad” star and “Tonight Show” host reminisce about playing feuding brothers on “Suspended Suspense”

After faking starring in a Canadian soap opera with Sandra Bullock, Jimmy Fallon is now claiming to have appeared in a ’90s series alongside Bryan Cranston.

The pair performed a bizarre skit Monday based on how they played feuding brothers on a fictional soap with the unlikely name of “Suspended Suspense.”

“I think the show was ahead of its time as it got canceled after only three episodes,” the “Breaking Bad” star told Fallon.

“I think it is because the director insisted on us being suspended several feet above the ground,” Fallon replied.

“The director was a neat freak and he didn’t want any shoes to be scuffing up the floor,” came Cranston’s explanation.

Fortunately the “Tonight Show” host found some tapes of the flying nonsense in the basement of 30 Rock and shared the footage with his viewers.

Featuring aerial fighting over a family will and a bitter sibling rivalry, the flashback video was strange to say the least.

Even the stars admitted that it didn’t really work and they should just have been standing.

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