How Bryan Cranston’s LBJ Play Led to a New ‘Appreciation for Human Beings’ (Video)

The actor told David Letterman about a new game perfect for your kids — “Silent Mondays”

It may have been “throwback Thursday” yesterday on social media, but Bryan Cranston was gushing about “silent Monday” when he stopped by “The Late Show with David Letterman.”

“It makes things simpler. We’re so keyed in to talking all the time, and you’d have a thought and normally you’d say it, but on Mondays I’m starting to write it and realize it’s not even worth writing,” Cranston said in the interview (above). “I slow down my thinking. I look at architecture more.”

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The “Breaking Bad” star began the unusual tradition of using note cards to communicate with people just once a week in order to rest his vocal chords for his “ferocious” performance as former president Lyndon Baines Johnson in new stage play “All the Way.” 

“It’s really helped, and changed my perspective on things,” Cranston said of the strategy he had learned from actress Audra McDonald (“Private Practice”).

“It’s a whole ‘nother appreciation for human beings,” Cranston concluded. “Sometimes I would really love for my wife to participate.”