‘Bully,’ With Its R Rating, Gets an MPAA-Hosted Screening – and Harvey Will Be There

And, no, the MPAA isn’t changing the movie’s rating to PG-13 — as Weinstein and more than 220,000 petitioners had demanded

"Bully," the Weinstein Company documentary, is getting some love from the Motion Picture Association of America.

No, the MPAA isn't changing the movie's rating to PG-13 — as the Weinstein Company and more than 220,000 people who have signed a petition have asked.

But the MPAA, which rates movies, is sponsoring an invitation-only screening of and panel discussion about the film at its Washington, D.C., headquarters on March 15.

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Harvey Weinstein, who considered pulling out of the MPAA over the rating, is scheduled to attend, as is director Lee Hirsch, D.C. schools chancellor Kaya Hendersen and "other special guests."

The MPAA has gotten all kinds of criticism for the R rating, which it imposed because of language in the film. The Weinstein Company appealed the rating, and a majority of the appeals board agreed. But in order to make a change, two-thirds of the members, rather than a majority, must vote yes. The vote was one person short.

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Katy Butler, a 17-year-old high school student in Michigan has since gathered more than 220,000 signatures on her change.org petition, and Ellen DeGeneres said on her popular talk show that the movie ought to be PG-13.

The MPAA has attempted to make nice with the Weinstein Company on the "Bully" rating. On March 7, the head of the Classification and Rating Administration issued a statement saying that the MPAA "shares Katy's goals of shining a light on the problem of bullying."

While it doesn't appear that the MPAA will make a change, it's clear that the protest is making the association listen.