Bush Family Emails Hacked: W. In the Shower, and Talk of Bubba

Message from Fox News' Brit Hume among private correspondence posted online

Last Updated: February 8, 2013 @ 7:53 AM

Suggesting that no one is secure from hacking, someone posted private emails from members of the Bush family, including correspondence from the second President Bush about working on a eulogy for the first.

Also among the emails are images of self-portraits painted by George W. Bush, in which he portrays himself in the shower and bathtub (without any nudity, if you were wondering). The emails, posted on The Smoking Gun after a hacker calling himself Guccifer released them, also include discussions about George H.W. Bush, 88, who was hospitalized last month.

A family spokesman confirmed the hacking to The Washington Post, which said a criminal investigation is underway.

The emails provide an inside look at one of the country's most famous political dynasties. It's impossible not to sympathize with the family members as they make funeral plans for their patriarch while hoping they won't need to enact them soon. And the George W. Bush self-portraits (one of which is pictured, above) hint at the second President Bush's artistic prowess and sense of whimsy.

Also among the emails is one of Fox News analyst Brit Hume, who mused to a Bush family friend about the results of the 2012 elections, in which Democrats held the White House and strengthened their control of the Senate.

“Election outcome disappointing, but there are many silver linings,” Hume wrote in the Nov. 9 e-mail.

That may seem another case of a key Fox News figure privately taking a partisan stance despite the network's claim to be "fair and balanced." But Hume is an analyst, not a reporter, and has never been shy about expressing opinions in that role.

Fox News did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The emails about whether death was approaching for the first President Bush focus largely on possible funeral plans and his legacy. In a Dec. 27 e-mail to his four siblings, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said his father's friendship with ex-President Clinton "helped restore his sordid reputation. A very tough thing to do but with kindness, dad probably helped Bill Clinton than anything he himself has done.”

He added: “Might be tough to say it that way in a eulogy with President 42 there.” Clinton was the 42nd president.

In a Dec. 26 email, George W. Bush solicited stories about their father for a eulogy.

“Hopefully I’m jumping the gun,” said Bush, who added, “But since the feeling is that you all would rather me speak than bubba, please help.” The mention of "Bubba" was apparently a reference to Clinton.

In an exchange with The Smoking Gun, "Guccifer" said "the feds” began investigating him a “long time ago,” and that he has hacked “hundreds of accounts.”

Asked if he was worried about the FBI and Secret Service, he responded, “i have an old game with the f—ing bastards inside, this is just another chapter in the game.”