‘Cable’ Creator Rob Liefeld Wants Jon Hamm to Play the Superhero

The character could make his big-screen debut in a “Deadpool” sequel, if director Tim Miller has his way

Jon Hamm Cable

Rob Liefeld, the comic book creator responsible for the popular character Cable, wants Jon Hamm to play the time-traveling superhero.

After Hamm won a Golden Globe for his work on the final season of “Mad Men,” Liefeld called the actor his “Dream Future Cable pick.”

20th Century Fox owns the movie rights to Cable and could use the character to link its upcoming “Deadpool” movie, starring Ryan Reynolds, with the larger “X-Men” universe.

“Deadpool” director Tim Miller has previously stated that he’d love to include Cable in a possible sequel. “If we don’t put Cable in ‘Deadpool 2,’ I think we’ll be run out of town on a rail,” Miller told Empire.

For those unfamiliar with the “Cable” comics, the time-traveling character is the son of a clone of Jean Grey and Scott Summers. Cable is sent to a future where the world is led by Apocalypse — the villain of “X-Men: Apocalypse.”

Hamm has previously turned down roles in comic book movies, so we’ll see how strong Liefeld’s powers of persuasion are.