No, the Capitol ‘Viking’ Rioter Is Not Jamiroquai’s Lead Singer: ‘I Wasn’t With All Those Freaks’ (Video)

But they do bear a striking resemblance

No, the Capitol 'Viking' Rioter Is Not Jamiroquai's Lead Singer: 'I Wasn't With All Those Freaks' (Video)
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Despite rumors swirling around the internet, that guy dressed up as a viking at the U.S. Capitol riots was not the lead singer of Jamiroquai.

Following the chaos in Washington on Wednesday, Twitter users pointed out the resemblance between the MAGA supporter’s horned viking headdress and the head adornments that British rocker Jay Kay is known for wearing onstage at Jamiroquai shows.

The comparisons became so incessant that Kay made a video on Thursday shooting down the rumors.

“Good morning world! Now, some of you may think you saw me in Washington last night, but I’m afraid I wasn’t with all those freaks,” the frontman assured his followers, while noting that he hasn’t seen his bandmates “for ages” due to the ongoing coronavirus lockdown in the U.K.

The Arizona Republic on Wednesday identified the “viking” rioter as Jake Angeli, a 32-year-old QAnon supporter who has frequented other far-right rallies in Arizona. Also referred to as the “Q Shaman,” he was photographed at the Capitol shirtless, carrying a spear with an American flag hanging from it and sporting red, white and blue face paint.

In an interview with the Arizona Republic last year, Angeli said he wears the elaborate ensemble as a way to attract attention and spread the word about QAnon, a far-right conspiracy theory that believes President Trump is waging a secret war against Satan-worshipping pedophilies in government and media.

In any case, Jamiroquai fans can rest assured the band has nothing to do with this.

See Kay’s video below.


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