‘Captain America: Civil War’ First Reactions: ‘Best Comic Book Movie Fight EVER’

Early critics say the film has a lot in its favor — including Spider-Man

captain america civil war

If you believe some of the first critics to see it, “Captain America: Civil War” is “a better Avengers movie than the last Avengers movie” with “the best comic book movie fight EVER.”

And its portrayal of Spider-Man? “SPECTACULAR.”

That Zagat-style “Captain America: Civil War” roundup includes quotes from Mike Sampson, editor-in-Chief at ScreenCrush News, Honest Trailers creator Andy Signore, and Russ Fincher, who has written for the likes of the Los Angeles Times and Rolling Stone. They’re enthusiastic enough to make even the most guarded fan excited.

We know, we know: You tend to hold your adamantium shield high as you head into the latest comic-book movie because early fan reviews can sometimes outpace those of more skeptical critics. But these critics, at least, are telling us it’s okay to be psyched.

With a plot borrowed from one of the Marvel Universe’s most world-shattering storylines, “Civil War” pits Captain America against Iron Man, each leading the charge from opposite sides of a debate over superhuman civil liberties. They resolve their differences not through binding arbitration, as you might expect, but through what io9’s Germain Lussier calls “probably the best superhero action scene ever.”

The film finally incorporates Spider-Man into the Marvel Universe. And he’s in it “more than I thought he’d be,” according to Uproxx’s Mike Ryan.

Wow. Okay. Here are the tweets: