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Listen to Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds 911 Calls (Audio)

Audio surfaces in wake of the mother-daughter Hollywood icons dying just one day apart

Audio of 911 calls from the emergencies that claimed Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds’ lives surfaced on Thursday.

TMZ obtained a 911 call from United Airlines after Fisher, best known for her role in the “Star Wars” franchise, suffered a heart attack on a flight last month, and also obtained the call to emergency services during Reynolds’ stroke, just a day after her daughter died.

Fisher, who died in the hospital on Dec. 27, was 60. Reynolds, a movie star from the Golden Age of Hollywood, was 84.

In Fisher’s call, someone can be heard calling from United Airlines headquarters talking about an international flight coming in from London. According to the individual, the flight was ten minutes away from landing and she was alerting airport control about a medical emergency. The plane was heading to LAX terminal 7, gate 74.

In the call about Reynolds, someone in distress is talking to a 911 dispatcher. He doesn’t respond to questions about Reynolds’ condition, whether she is awake or her heart is beating.

According to TMZ, Reynolds’ son Todd Fisher was caring for the actress in the other room. A nurse gets put on the phone, telling the dispatcher that she just took Reynolds’ blood pressure, but the phone gets disconnected when the doctor arrives to the scene.

Fisher and Reynolds will receive a joint private memorial service in Los Angeles on Thursday, ABC News reported. In addition to the private service for family and close friends, a public memorial for the pair is also being planned.

The mother and daughter will be buried side-by-side at Forrest Lawn in Burbank, according to a TMZ report.

Listen to the calls below.