‘Scandal’ Cast on Lena Dunham’s Guest Appearance: ‘The Place Went Crazy’ (Video)

The “Girls” star makes her debut on Shonda Rhimes’ ABC juggernaut on Thursday night

When the cast of “Scandal” found out Lena Dunham would be guest starring on their show, they couldn’t contain their excitement.

Executive producer Betsy Beers made the announcement during a table read of the episode, airing on Thursday on ABC.

“She just announced, ‘Playing this role will be Lena Dunham,’” actor Joshua Malina (David Rosen) told TheWrap during the show’s PaleyFest red carpet event in Hollywood. “The place went crazy.”

According to Malina, the entire cast of Shonda Rhimes juggernaut is a huge fan of the “Girls” creator and star.

“While we know that Lena is a great fan of ours, pretty much everyone involved in the show is a fan of hers.”

Costar Katie Lowes (Quinn Perkins) agreed.

“I love her so much,” Perkins said. “I can’t use enough adjectives to describe what I feel about her.”

Dunham told Seth Meyers on Wednesday, “It is the culmination of, I’m not going to say it’s a life-long dream, because scandal has only been around for two and a half years, but long time, long time dream.”

Turns out, Dunham asked Rhimes if she could guest star on the show.

“I had mentioned to Shonda Rhimes my deep desire to be on ‘Scandal,’” Dunham told Meyers. “She had mentioned to me that she would like me on ‘Scandal.’ We both thought the other one was just being nice.”

No word yet on what role Dunham will play, but a leaked photo of her in a cheap-looking wig had many speculating.

“The wig was my idea,” said Dunham. “This was not Shonda’s narrative choice. Everything else — the writing, the beautiful facts of the show — you can blame on Shonda, but the wig is all me.”

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