• Apple’s iPad Can Capitalize on Fragmenting Marketplace

    Right pricing strategy will play a large role in winning market share

  • Plan, Pricing Flexibility Could Boost Sirius XM’s Business

    Satellite radio provider has room for growth, but needs to take creative approach on service terms

  • Book Publishers Face the Prisoner’s Dilemma

    Senseless war between Wal-Mart, Amazon on price of top-selling hardcover books.

  • Why All the Rage at Redbox?

    The dollar-a-night kiosks are more of a threat to rental stores and mail subscription services than the studios.

  • Those e-Books Are Here to Stay … Get Used to Them

    In last week’s New York Times, Motoko Rich and Brad Stone wrote that “no topic is more hotly debated at the moment than the timing, pricing and ultimate impact of e-books on the financial health of publishers and retailers.” The primary debate centers on how low-priced ($9.99) digital books affect demand for more expensive ($25+)…

  • AEG Making The Very Best Out of a Bad Situation

    With entertainer Michael Jackson’s untimely passing, many thought that it would be curtains for AEG Live, the promoter of Jackson’s impending 50 London concerts.   On the hook to refund $85 million to ticket buyers, the promoter had already reportedly invested $30 million into the tour for production costs.   And while AEG held a…

  • A Proposal to Solve Concert Ticket-Pricing Woes

    At a recent D: All Things Digital Conference, Ticketmaster CEO Irving Azoff proclaimed, “We haven’t done enough dynamic pricing for tickets, and we should, and that will help make people happy.”  Mr. Azoff is right, dynamic pricing is the key to pricing for profits and growth in the rock concert industry.   The challenges of setting…