• Artists by Artists

    We invited some of the art world’s most talented to create portraits of some of Hollywood’s most fabulous. Delving deep beyond the oft-photographed visages, these artists bring to their subjects a unique depth of perception. Their art goes places a headshot could only dream of

    Artists by Artists
  • Deception Perception

    In May December, Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman embody psychologically complex and manipulative characters entwined in a cerebral game of cat-and-mouse. To pull it off, they found in each other simple honesty and trust

    Deception Perception
  • Setting the Scenes

    Here’s a look at some of the most memorable cinematic tableaus of 2023 as interpreted by artist Konstantin Kakanias

    Setting the Scenes
  • Dressing The Part

    Six celebrated costume designers weave their unique brandof enchantment into some of the year’s most fashion-forward films

    Dressing The Part
  • Cinemascapes

    Artist Marco Walker has created a portfolio of images where his nostalgia for postmodern iconography and his memories of Hollywood are the stage for the winning accessories and best clothes of the season

  • How Hollywood Tried To Smash The Patriarchy in 2023

    “By giving voice to the cognitive dissonance required to be a woman under the patriarchy, you’ve robbed it of its power.”

    How Hollywood Tried To Smash The Patriarchy in 2023
  • Diary of a Strike

    The SAG-AFTRA and WGA labor disputes of 2023 put tens of thousands of people out of work for more than half the year, but the psychological impact was as great as the economic one.

    Diary of a Strike
  • The Last Picture

    The Last Picture Frieze takes a drive through Los Angeles with artist Sharif Farrag

    The Last Picture
  • All Dolled Up

    Artist Laurie Simmons’ body of work uses dolls to explore themes of feminism, sexuality, body imagery and gender identity

    All Dolled Up
  • Life, Death, Memory, Fate, Loss

    Christian Boltanski explorations of emotion wrought by the Holocaust and the horrors of war profoundly resonate today more than ever

    Life, Death, Memory, Fate, Loss
  • Space Maker

    Jeffrey Gibson

    Space Maker
  • The Agony and The Ecstasy of Mr. Chow

    Jeffrey Deitch traces the extraordinary narrative arc of actor, restaurateur and artist Michael Chow

    The Agony and The Ecstasy of Mr. Chow
  • Who Gets to Tell Indigenous Stories

    Who Gets to Tell Indigenous Stories From the epic Killers of the Flower Moon to several smaller productions, a host of recent films and a groundbreaking art exhibition illustrate how the Native American narrative is controlled by who holds the camera, who holds the pen By Tazbah Rose Chavez When I began writing this piece,…

    Who Gets to Tell Indigenous Stories
  • Where Art & Film Collide

    For more than a decade, LACMA’s Art+Film galas have melded the worlds of fine art, film and high fashion in L.A.’s biggest annual cultural event. Creating that alchemy took the vision and determination of museum director Michael Govan

    Where Art & Film Collide
  • Found in Translation

    Found in Translation Talent agent Thao Nguyen’s whole world is art, both at home with her personal collection and at CAA where she cultivates artists in pop culture by Eli Diner Photography by Fabian Martinez The first thing you notice when you arrive at CAA agent Thao Nguyen’s Brentwood  home are the polka dots. Peppering the…

    Found in Translation