• We’re Nominated Already. Must Be Doing Something Right.

    Well, I’m not exactly sure what this means, but it sounds like a good thing. After just two days live, TheWrap.Com has been nominated for an award! A group called AlwaysOn has nominated TheWrap for its OnHollywood 100 list, which "honors the top emerging digital entertainment companies that are creating new opportunities, content strategies and monetization schemes […]

  • Darth Vader has left the Observatory

    For those who think that Dick Cheney might not really be gone — suspecting that somehow the Darth Vader of American politics might be hiding in some closet in an undisclosed location ready to infect the bureaucracy with poisonous legal memos — now comes proof that we really have moved on. It seems Google Maps […]

  • Did Barbra Streisand’s email change Arlen Specter’s mind on Obama’s Attorney General pick?

    Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, announced today that he was removing his hold on the nomination of Eric Holder Jr. to be attorney general. Funny, Specter had his change of heart just after Barbra Streisand got involved in rallying fans to Holder's side. In an email to […]

  • Wrap Exclusive: John Landis slaps singer with ‘Thriller’ lawsuit

    Michael Jackson has been slapped with a breach-of-contract lawsuit by director John Landis, who is seeking past profits from the “Thriller” video.

  • Netflix’s Streaming Video Boosts Revenue

    Netflix is attributing a huge 45% spike in fourth-quarter profit Monday to the popularity of its online streaming video service.

  • Inauguration Media Wars: Web vs. TV

    The New York Times reported last week that Barack Obama’s inauguration set new records for online video viewing. CNN alone, said the paper, provided more than 21.3 million streams – far ahead of the 5.3 million provided on Election Day. Broadcasters, eager not to be forgotten, responded today. In a letter to the editor, Dennis […]

  • Welcome

    Welcome to TheWrap. A year ago I left The New York Times with a sinking feeling about what was happening to professional journalism.  Today we launch with great optimism what I hope will become an exciting new space to cover Hollywood in the digital age. TheWrap seeks to use the myriad tools of the web […]

  • Condé Nast Finally Makes Some Digital Moves

    After only bringing in about 3% of its ad revenue online last year, Condé Nast Publications may finally start to play catch up.

  • Apple Keeps Recession Away

    Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs may be on medical leave, but he’s the only part of the company that is ailing, according to quarterly figures released today.

  • Obama’s Work Is Just Beginning

    As the new president is left alone in the Oval Office to face the mountain of problems awaiting his attention, Hollywood will start reading the fine print.

  • Call Me Slim: New York Times Falls in Love With a Mexican

    The New York Times was rescued by a white knight – well, maybe – in the shape of Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim.

  • Positive Forecast for the Book Industry

    Amid gloomy forecasts about the industry’s future – and speculation about whether it is doomed to the same fate as one-seemed-to-fall-everyday newspapers – comes good news from the National Endowment for the Arts. The NEA recently reported a survey that found American adults are reading more literature than before. “At a time of immense cultural […]

  • Soldiers Get Star Treatment

    Celebrities are pouring into Washington at a record rate, arriving to goody bags in high-end hotels (The Ritz in Georgetown is offering a red-white-and-blue package of Michelle Obama’s shortbread cookies) and occasional autograph-seekers in hotel lobbies. The biggest challenge for many is which of the 80 inaugural events to go to – from the Green […]

  • Battling Ennui at the FCC

    When Julius Genachowski takes over as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, he’s got a lot on his plate. The president’s former Harvard Law chum, and a major player in the Obama digital campaign revolution, has, like, issues. There’s the digital TV deadline. The thorny commerce v. populist problem of network neutrality. The political hot […]

  • Charter Defaults on Debt

    On Thursday, the fourth largest U.S. cable-TV provider Charter Communications said