• ESPN Cracks Down on Employees’ Social Networking

    ESPN, the “Worldwide Tweeter” – err — “Leader in Sports,” drew the ire of some of its employees yesterday when it issued a set of formal guidelines limiting their use of social networking.   “The hammer just came down, tweeps: ESPN memo prohibiting tweeting info unless it serves ESPN,” Ric Bucher, one of the network’s…

  • Playboy Braces for a Hard Hit

    The media industry’s bloodied and battered financial reports continue to roll in. The latest, Playboy, which said today that its second quarter 2009 revenues were $62.2 million, down 15.3 percent from $73.4 million during the second quarter last year. Revenues from the print group – the one that includes its flagship magazine – were $28.3…

  • Anatomy of a Junket

    A peak at the PR behind the Blu-Ray release of “A River Runs Through It.”

  • FTC Chief Leibowitz and the News

    “This is a really important public policy issue, and we think we can add, as we have in a lot of other areas, an objective voice.”

  • Is Mort Betting Big on Print?

    When moguls move their money around, people notice. Mortimer B. Zuckerman, the media and real estate mogul, indicated last week that he would sell a million shares of Boston Properties – worth about $50 million – and reinvest that money in printing presses for the New York Daily News, according to a report in the…

  • Jackson’s Mother: Custody, No Estate

    Judge also grants Debbie Rowe visitation rights and a spousal allowance.

  • FTC May Ease Anti-Trust Laws to Save News

    Trade Commission Chairman Jon Leibowitz tells TheWrap that media companies must ensure they are doing a good job finding alternative revenues.

    FTC May Ease Anti-Trust Laws to Save News
  • The Trouble With Public Media Companies

    A large swath of publicly traded media companies held their quarterly earnings calls this week. And, as expected, most reported slides in revenues and profits during the first six months of the year. A quick recap, for those of you scoring at home: On Wednesday, Time Warner said profits slid 34 percent, and revenues declined…

  • Thompson IndieWire Blog Starts Monday

    Moves “Thompson on Hollywood” over from Variety.

  • RBI U.S. Trades Up for Sale; Tad Smith Out

    Variety is spared, but Broadcasting & Cable, Multichannel News and the consumer electronics trade Twice are not.

  • Reed Business Shedding Titles … But Who Will Buy?

    When you’re $8.4 billion in debt, you’ll try anything. During its earnings call this morning (if you haven’t noticed, it’s pretty much earnings call week here in Media Alley), Reed Elsevier, the London and Amsterdam-based corporate owner of Reed Business Information, publisher of Variety, said that its U.S. business-to-business publishing unit is once again going…

  • Microsoft/Yahoo Deal Targets Giant Google

    Microsoft will power Yahoo’s Bing; Yahoo will run sales force for search advertisers.

    Microsoft/Yahoo Deal Targets Giant Google
  • Bewkes: ‘TV Everywhere’ Getting Closer to Reality

    Time Warner held a conference call to discuss its first half financial performance this morning. Despite lower revenues and profits, Jeff Bewkes, Time Warner’s CEO, said he is excited about TW’s future as a “pure content company.”   Part of that future appears to be “TV Everywhere,” the concept Bewkes has touted for months as…

  • Why Yahoo, Microsoft Execs Wouldn’t Say ‘Google’

    After a year of on-again, off-again, “Will it happen?” talk — something, as Computerworld’s Eric Lai aptly put it, that’s grown as “tiresome as the annual Brett Favre retirement watch” — Microsoft and Yahoo finally struck a search deal today, effectively making the former’s month-old Bing the world’s number two search engine … albeit a…

  • Time Warner Profits Plunge 34%

    Overall, Q2 revenues down 9%, income down 34% — but network revenues up 5%.