• DC Doldrums and Obama’s Bully Pulpit

    Hard to tell if it’s a sign of the times that the life-sized Obama stand-ups at Dulles airport have been dropped in price from $40 to $9.99. Then again, it does seem that after six months in office, the president has hit a patch that might be described as the doldrums. For the man with…

  • The Problem With BusinessWeek

    McGraw-Hill, the 121-year-old publisher of BusinessWeek, held its second quarter earnings call this morning in New York. It drew more attention more than usual: Two weeks ago, following several press reports, the company issued a two-line press release announcing that it has begun exploring strategic options (read: sale) for BusinessWeek. Several suitors have reportedly emerged,…

  • Daily News Reporter Dragged Into Mets Scandal

    Sometimes reporters insert themselves into their stories. Other times, they are dragged into them, often in bizarre fashion. Which is what happened to Adam Rubin yesterday. Rubin, who for the past seven years has covered the New York Mets for the Daily News, unwittingly found himself at the center of a scandal yesterday involving one…

  • UFC Fighting for Mainstream Acceptance

    But big media and the general public are not coming around so quickly.

    UFC Fighting for Mainstream Acceptance
  • Richard Rushfield Tapped as Gawker’s West Coast Editor

    Entertainment editor of LATimes.com jumps to Gabe Snyder’s site.

  • Having Fun With the Silverman-Diller Press Release

    As the Ben Silverman Experiment ends at NBC, another one begins at IAC. News that the network’s wunderkind co-chairman has been wooed by Barry Diller to launch a new company that will “capitalize on the ever-evolving world of multimedia production and distribution, leveraging unique marketing expertise,” broke this morning – apparently “first-Tweeted” by Ryan Seacrest,…

  • ‘Level 26’: The World’s First Digi-Novel

    The writer’s strike changed everything for me. For one, it gave me a chance to actually complete a thought. Day-to-day television has a way of stripping you of that. When we were picketing for those months, I was able to tap inside why I wasn’t a very good reader and did something about it. So…

  • Who Will Be the Next ‘No. 2’ at Page Six?

    Today is Paula Froelich’s last day at the New York Post. Froelich is leaving her job at Page Six after more than a decade at the must-read gossip column. Froelich’s departure from Page Six was rumored for weeks — later confirmed by New York magazine — and her e-mail’s auto-response today was elegantly short: As…

  • Kutcher: Media Turning Back Over to Consumers

    With 3M followers, Kutcher has tried to seize on the social trend and bring TV, feature film and digital content together.

  • At Least One Person Thinks We’re on the Road to Recovery

    Like everything else, the recession has had a profound impact on the buying and selling of media companies. Through the first half of the year, the market for media deals was virtually bone dry, as a stock market slide, advertising slump, crumbling banking system and a credit crash killed any chance of financing them.  …

  • Diller, Katzenberg Differ on Marriage of Hollywood and New Media

    One sees creative destruction; the other, eternal union.

  • New Consensus: People Will Pay for Quality Content

    A consensus is emerging among the leaders of the digital media industry, and it’s an encouraging thing.   At conferences — which seem to have spread like some upper class disease across the land (when does anyone do work anymore?) — in Palo Alto venture capital conversations, around the pools in Malibu…a light seems to…

  • Reporter Quits Over Affair with Jon Gosselin

    Kate Major cites a “conflict of interest,” but Gosselin denies romantic relationship.

  • Hot Topics in Pasadena: AOL, Premium Content

    News Corp’s Jon Miller, AOL’s Tim Armstrong talk growth and monetization.

  • Will ESPN Ban Conan Over Peephole Joke, Too?

    In New York, the Erin Andrews’ peephole story just won’t go away, even when it comes off the front page. Yesterday, ESPN announced a wholesale ban on New York Post reporters from appearing across its shows after the paper ran stills from the now-infamous video of the sideline reporter nude in a hotel room. "While…