• ‘Level 26’: The World’s First Digi-Novel

    Last year’s writers strike led me down a path that became the multimedia “Level 26” – a novel, movie and website all in one.

    ‘Level 26’: The World’s First Digi-Novel
  • Defending Pop Culture to TruthDig’s Chris Hedges – Yikes

    Programming note: I’ll be debating the state of popular culture with fellow journalists and authors Chris Hedges and Marc Cooper on Sunday afternoon at  the home of Zuade Kaufman, the publisher of Truthdig.com. The event is titled, "Pop Culture, Politics and the Price of Mass Distraction," and it should be lively – apparently I’m considered the…

  • Video: Chris Anderson and the Economics of ‘Free’

    Chris Anderson, the forward-thinking editor of “Wired” and author of “The Long Tail,” talked about his new book, “Free: The Future of a Radical Price,” at Peter Guber’s house on Thursday evening. The book addresses the seemingly-frightening economics of the Internet, where all kinds of content – music, news, community, data – wants to be…

  • Walter Cronkite Dead at 92

    Legendary newsman took America through everything from the assassination of President Kennedy to the Vietnam War and the Apollo space missions.

    Walter Cronkite Dead at 92
  • Bonnie Fuller Joins Penske’s HollywoodLife

    Abandons startup, while Anne Thompson strikes out on her own with help of IndieWire.

  • Google Q2 Profits Up 19%

    But revenues up just 3 percent, its lowest growth rate since the company went public five years ago.

  • Michael Jackson’s Tragic Pepsi Commercial Accident Unearthed

    Footage shows the singer’s hair, face on fire.

  • VIdeo: Farewell to TheWrap Guest House

    Call me sentimental, but it was beautiful July day in southern California, and I took a moment to chronicle a typical day at TheWrap at the same time as I took the Flip by the horns and set out to do more video, dammit! The first phase of TheWrap is coming to a close. We’ve…

  • The Best of L.A. on a Summer’s Night

    It’s one of those nights when Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal cruise on by and you find yourself thinking “what a cute couple” instead of “don’t stare at the movie stars.” There was no denying that, with the flagellation of the Michael Jackson Memorial and mourning, it had been a week where it sometimes felt…

  • Matt Drudge Hearts ‘Old Media’

    It’s no secret that new media often relies upon old media to supplement its web pages with fresh content — but just how heavily?   New media is "extremely dependent" upon its predecessors, according to the University of Illinois’ coordinator of information technology and research Kalev Leetaru, who analyzed an astonishing 171,717 page updates from…

  • Interactive Marketing Will Near $55B in 2014

    A new study on interactive marketing suggests a rapidly changing reality that may help spell the end of traditional media.

  • ‘Eco-Mindful Media’ Is Now a Reality

    Time for independence from old ways of thinking. There is definitely a global shift toward “Eco-mindful media.” Seems to be popping out like digital gophers all along the media landscape. And now would be a really good time to understand and communicate about how to save ourselves from extinction. Newspapers: Last month L.A. Times environmental…

  • 10 Things I Learned This Week

    1. A couple weeks ago I mocked the idea of a David Fincher Facebook movie. I stand corrected with the revelations that Ben Mezrich’s book “The Accidental Billionaires”, on which the script is based, is a wall-to-wall chronicle of New Media/New Money vulgarian excess and bitter betrayal. But there’s one Caligula-style outrage that, as an Australian,…

  • Hollywood Looking for Online Marketing Magic

    YouTube cozied up to latest “Harry Potter” for interactive campaign.

    Hollywood Looking for Online Marketing Magic
  • Royal Family Joins Twitter

    Buckingham Palace joins social networking revolution.