• Shaq vs Dalai Lama: Tweet Tweet

    The most-popular Twitterers? It may surprise you.

  • Life in the Digital Real World

    Call it birthing pains. Call it a life lesson. I don’t know what else to call it but pure hell when your new web site goes down for reasons you can’t quite fathom and for —  tick-tock, tick-tock — many hours you cannot retrieve. I guess this is life in the digital world. We built…

  • Surprise (not)… It’s Genachowski!

    As expected, President  Obama has officially tapped his campaign’s top technology adviser, Julius Genachowski, to head the Federal Communications Commission. A longtime Obama buddy dating back to Harvard Law, Genachowski  certainly has the creds. He  worked at the FCC during the Clinton administration, was legal counsel to ex-FCC chairman Reed Hundt, a co-founder of  the…

  • Journalists Turn Into Pols in Blog-centric Media World

    The collapsing media landscape is sending more and more reporters out into the job market — and into a field they once covered.

  • Wrap Exclusive: Virgin Megastores to Close in U.S., CEO Simon Wright Confirms

    The six remaining retail stores will shutter by this summer, signaling the end to a once-dominant consumer retail behemoth.

  • Hollywood 4.0: Coming Soon to a Browser Near You

    Very soon, all computers will be easily connected to big home LCD TV screens,. And everybody is going to be downloading entertainment content from the internet. Who will they download from? How will they pay for it? Will they pay for it? Enter Adam Fisk’s creation, Little Shoot. It is unlike most other peer to…

  • At Eminem’s Trial: How Is an Online Music Sale Different?

    The legal battle between Universal Music Group (UMG) and Eminem’s publishing company continued Thursday, as the music company tried to prove in a downtown Los Angeles courtroom that a record sale is the same in both the physical and online world.

  • Is Murdoch’s FCC Waiver in Trouble?

    Angered by a cartoon that appeared last week in the New York Post, Rev. Al Sharpton and NAACP chief executive Benjamin Jealous are meeting today with officials at the Federal Communications Commission in Washington. Sharpton says that they will urge the FCC to review the waiver that allows the News Corps’ Rupert Murdoch to own…

  • Stevie Wonder on the East Wing Dance Floor

    As Librarian of Congress James H. Billing put it the other day, “This really will be Wonder Week in Washington.” That’s Stevie Wonder of course. The 58-year-old singer, whose music was the backdrop for many of Barack Obama’s campaign appearances, will be honored tonight at the White House as now President Obama presents him with the Library…

  • Fired? Liz Smith Didn’t Drink Enough With Col Allan

    Liz Smith is angry but not very surprised that the New York Post fired her. She said she saw it coming: She didn’t drink enough. “They are going to save the New York Post by firing me,” the 86-year-old columnist deadpanned in an interview with me today. “They’ll save my salary. It’ll put them right…

  • Kid … Yahoo!’s Gonna Make You a Star!

    Believe it! Its latest online hit on one recent day reached nearly half the audience NBC got for its 9-11 primetime slot.

  • Defamer Disappearing Into Gawker

    Nick Denton, owner of the influential blog network Gawker media, said on his blog on Sunday that he would fold the Hollywood gossip site Defamer into the main gossip blog, Gawker.   Defamer had been for sale since December.   In an email to CNET Denton said that he had "two serious bids. But ad revenues…

  • Shmuger, Dossett Speak on “Web and Hollywood” Panel at TheWrap’s Launch Party

    Yahoo’s Jeff Dossett and Marc Shmuger, chairman of Universal Pictures, spoke about challenges and opportunities the web presents for Hollywood at a panel during TheWrap.com’s official launch party at the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles. Before the panel, more than 200 industry pros mingled with TheWrap’s staff to toast the three-week-old site. Sharon Waxman, TheWrap’s…

  • Audiences Still Love Awards Shows … Online

    A new Yahoo report shows that entertainment sites have morning-after traffic spikes

  • Hollywood Ad Guru Fred Davis III Heads to D.C.

    To Washington Republicans, he’s Hollywood. To Hollywood liberals, he’s a Republican. That unusual frame of mind makes advertising guru Fred Davis III an odd fit for either town. With the Oklahoma-born Davis about to open an office in D.C., I talked to him by phone today about the difference between the two towns. “In California…