• Iran Frees Roxana Saberi

    Appeals court reduces sentence, eliminating a major obstacle to U.S.-Iranian dialogue.

    Iran Frees Roxana Saberi
  • Obama & Timberlake: A Tale of Two Videos

    This weekend produced two must-see viral videos: footage from the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, featuring separate clips of Barack Obama and Wanda Sykes cracking up the press corp, and a new "Saturday Night Live" musical sketch with Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg called “Motherlover,” which follows up their viral hit from last year, “Dick in…

  • NRG Cuts 30 As Nielsen Ponders Move (updated)

    Once a giant in the research world, the company’s dominance has eroded.

    NRG Cuts 30 As Nielsen Ponders Move (updated)
  • Strike Up the Brand: Analysts Dissect AOL

    Three different views on what works — and what doesn’t — at America Online.

  • Is There Life Left in AOL?

    It’s lost traffic, buzz and soon even Time Warner, but don’t count the internet “dinosaur” out yet.

    Is There Life Left in AOL?
  • Obama at the Correspondents Dinner (watch video)

    The love affair between President Obama and Hollywood took a spring swoon at the White House Correspondents Association dinner (watch video)

  • Mike Tyson Explains Himself

    It’s hard to resist the primeval lure of “Tyson,” a documentary in which Mike Tyson candidly revisits his exclamation point of a life. Why are we so drawn to the former prizefighter, despite ourselves? Maybe it’s because Tyson’s devastation of his opponents was so disconcertingly beautiful. It gave us the same troubling fascination we have…

  • Hulu Adds International Video

    But the service remains restricted to U.S. viewers — for now.

  • ‘The Wire’s’ David Simon Testifies on the Future of News

    At issue in the Senate was whether Congress needs to take some sort of action to help salvage the industry.

    ‘The Wire’s’ David Simon Testifies on the Future of News
  • Soft Ad Market Tackles CBS Corp.

    All units within Sumner Redstone’s conglomerate feel the squeeze.

  • Twitter Assault on the Studios — and Movie Critics

    A new site called Flicktweets has just launched, produced by the Movie Review Query Engine. It collects real-time tweets about movies onto one page. At the moment, “Wolverine” is topping the tweets, with such tiny jewels of insight as @albertkiko’s: “I saw X-Men Origins Wolverine! I think it was a good film based on the…

  • Why Is Hollywood Still Going to D.C.’s Prom?

    “The Prom” is what Washington media call Saturday’s White House Correspondents Association Dinner. The name’s truer than they think. Where else do grownups wage popularity contests to score the best table locations? Wear tuxedos that have never met a tailor and flammable rayon gowns that taunt lit matches? And recruit such random Hollywood names that…

  • The Webbys Are Money-Makin’, Celeb-Lovin’

    The Webby Award winners were announced Tuesday — with a healthy serving of celebrity names represented in the awards, which are given out in a whopping135 categories.   Jimmy Fallon was Person of the Year for his gung-ho Twittering and cheerful assault on the barriers between network TV and the web, with moves such as…

  • News Corp. Profits Drop 47%

    “Marley and Me,” “Taken” and “Slumdog Millionaire” boost film side.

    News Corp. Profits Drop 47%
  • AllThingsD Uncovers TheWrap (Watch the Video)

    Thanks to Kara Swisher, a former colleague at The Washington Post and a pioneer in the digital journalism space, for visiting TheWrap headquarters and shooting a handy-dandy Flip video. (Folks, I bought one of these things and took it to Comic-Con last year, and then Dubai. And since then – nada. Why don't we have more video…