• Las Vegas’ Big Paydays

    A look at some of the marque names — past and present — who broke the bank.

  • No Gans, Celine or Elton — What Next, Las Vegas?

    Big-name acts, once a goldmine, are losing their luster — and ticket sales.

    No Gans, Celine or Elton — What Next, Las Vegas?
  • Time Warner Has AOL, Funding Problems

    Company also reports down earnings that still beat expectations.

  • The Milken Global Conference: When Indiana Jones Meets Wall Street

    Michael Milken keeps walking by me in the hallway here at the Milken Institute Global Conference, which has the Beverly Hilton humming with activity. What’s your global ill? Housing? Hunger? Real Estate? Credit Markets? Or, say, “Sustainable Fisheries and Oceans?” Milken is searching for answers. There are world leaders here, financial geniuses of all kinds,…

  • Get Your Swine Flu Shot (1976 PSA)

    A reminder from the first coming of the flu scare.

  • MySpace Moving Away From Social Networking?

    Sign of the times: One senior executive for comedy at MySpace has 1,403 friends on Facebook.

    MySpace Moving Away From Social Networking?
  • But Why Kill Portfolio’s Website, Too?

    No one paying attention to the media was surprised that Portfolio magazine was shut down Monday by Conde Nast. The monthly business magazine was losing money.   As David Carey, Condé Nast’s group president and publishing director, told the New York Times, the five main categories of advertising that kept Portfolio afloat — financial services,…

  • The Future of Media: The Profit Principle

    It was a packed auditorium and a lively debate at Broad Hall at UCLA today, where we addressed the future of media on our panel — myself, Arianna Huffington, Marc Cooper (pictured left, with festival's founder longtime chief architect Steve Wasserman) and Andrew Donohue. I'm starting to see a pattern emerge from these conversations, which…

  • Dave Foley Pitches a Web Series to Microsoft

    The “News Radio” star plugs a proposed workplace comedy at the company’s upfront in Manhattan.

  • Come Join Me at a Talk on New Media at the L.A. Times Festival of Books

    I'll be speaking at two panels on Sunday at the L.A. Times Festival of Books at UCLA, a fantastic annual event that I hope you will come and enjoy. Please join us for "Going Long: "The Book as Journalism," with myself, John Powers, Dan Baum and moderator Elizabeth Taylor at 12 pm in Korn Hall. And again for "Media: Where…

  • Eric Schmidt on Google’s New Plan for the News

    The upper crust of Hollywood swirled about the vestibule and dining room of Arianna Huffington’s Brentwood mansion on Friday night at a party for author Kathy Freston, and to kick off this weekend’s L.A. Times Book Festival. (More on this later.) DreamWorks’ Jeffrey Katzenberg was there in his trademark cashmere V-neck; Fox mogul Jim Gianopulos…

  • Video: Guillermo Del Toro Talks ‘The Strain’

    The first volume of his book trilogy on vampires is due out June 2

    Video: Guillermo Del Toro Talks ‘The Strain’
  • Twitter War Has That Fake Feeling

    I’m embarrassed to admit that I followed the Ashton Kutcher-CNN Twitter war. I’m even more ashamed that I didn’t smell the rat, despite spotting its tail early on. We know Kutcher’s schtick. He combines jock humor, unabashed promotion and giant smug hipness, infused with of-the-moment digital gadgetry. But he manages to bring just enough camaraderie,…

  • Neil Young Harvests His Musical History (Finally)

    The 10-disc first volume of “Archives” is set for release on June 2 — on CD, DVD and Blu-ray.

    Neil Young Harvests His Musical History (Finally)
  • Peter Kaplan Leaving N.Y. Observer

    His next job: figuring out how to save journalism.