• Winners and Losers in the Ashton Kutcher-CNN Twitter War

    Ashton Kutcher won the race to a million Twitter followers with CNN last week — but the postgame analysis reveals a few twists. Let’s look at how the various players fared:   Oprah: When Ashton Kutcher declared the race with CNN, the queen of daytime TV saw an opening to collect for herself some of…

  • Amid Doubts, Jacko Starts Work on London Tour

    He’s painfully thin, he hasn’t properly trained, he’s battled pain medication … can he make it through to the end?

    Amid Doubts, Jacko Starts Work on London Tour
  • Love’s Labour’s Lost: Hollywood Tackles In Vitro Fertilization

    The name Lesley Brown probably doesn't mean anything to you. And that's OK. She's a footnote in history as she's the first woman to have a child through in vitro fertilization. In 1978, Mrs. Brown gave birth through a planned Caesarean Section to her daughter, Louise. Last year Lesley and John Brown celebrated Louise's 30th…

  • Obit: J.G. Ballard, Wrote ‘Empire of the Sun’

    British writer J.G. Ballard, a novelist whose work was turned into films by such directors as Steven Spielberg and David Cronenberg,  died Sunday, his agent said. He was 78. Ballard had been suffering from prostate cancer diagnosed in 2006. It was not immediately clear where he died. He was best known for the autobiographical novel…

  • Is Facebook Figuring It Out?

    New kinds of advertising could lead to a projected $500M year.

    Is Facebook Figuring It Out?
  • Driving Under the Influence of Celebrity

    Just as I was starting to feel comfortable trusting Miley Cyrus to act her age, and not suspecting that any of the Jonas Brothers would take a public misstep, I was thrown for a furious loop when I saw a photo (courtesy of TMZ) and a video (PerezHilton.com) of 16-year-old Nick Jonas driving 16-year-old Miley…

  • YouTube Creates Channel for Movies, TV Shows

    Video will be hosted by studios, who will retain control, collect traffic and ad revenue and avoid copyright problems.

    YouTube Creates Channel for Movies, TV Shows
  • FCC Earmarks $46 mil for Rural Telehealth

    Five broadband networks will receive funds.

  • Neil Stiles, What’s the Plan?

    It’s the morning after the day of the long knives at Variety, Part II, and I find myself thinking about the interview publisher Neil Stiles’ gave TheWrap yesterday, and another that editor Tim Gray gave TheWrap last week. Here’s the takeaway: Stiles has no plan for staunching the flow of revenue out of the newsprint…

  • Variety.com Launches Redesign

    In the middle of the afternoon on Wednesday, the trade put up a new version of its website. Here’s how it looks …

  • Variety Struggles to Meet the Future

    More layoffs at Variety; trade to charge for some online content.

    Variety Struggles to Meet the Future
  • New York Times Tops Webby Award Noms

    “Oscars of the Internet” celebrating 13th year.

  • Larry King Ups the Kutcher Ante … on YouTube

    UPDATED: The Los Angeles Times’ David Sarno has the strange story behind the @cnnbrk, CNN Twitter account that is nearing a million followers: CNN just acquired ownership of the account from 25-year-old London Web developer James Cox, who’d been running it since January 2007 with CNN’s permission and oversight. UPDATED:  Larry King has made a humorous YouTube…

  • Lindsay Lohan’s eHarmony Hook-Up Ad

    Recently separated from Samantha Ronson, Lohan puts a parody call out for a new connection on Funny or Die.

  • This Time, Spector Guilty in Clarkson Murder

    The first jury, in 2007, deadlocked 10-2, favoring conviction.