• YouTube, Uni Music Partner for Hulu-Type Music-Video Channel

    Brokered by U2’s Bono, the plan is to aggregate enough top-level content to attract advertising and sponsorship

  • The New York Times Had a Front Page Faux-Article, Ad, Too — on the Web

    Some Los Angeles Times staffers are upset about the front page ad that NBC ran in Thursday’s paper, which had the network’s logo on it, the word “advertisement” and a thick black border, but otherwise was laid out to look like a real newspaper story about the new cop drama “Southland.” “The NBC ad may…

  • FCC Seeks Input on Broadband Plan

    Goal is to get Internet access for all Americans.

  • Google Exec Has Formula for Online Newspapers

    Business model will involve ads, micropayments, subscriptions

  • Michelle Obama: The Biggest Star in the World

    Washington feels the power of the extraordinary ordinary.

  • Memo to Emmy: Online TV Screeners Don’t Work

    It's too hard watching Henry VIII have sex on my laptop. I gave it a good try, but I'm going back to the old-fashioned way of watching screeners. Spring means the arrival of Emmy screeners from the TV Academy. Years ago, these stopped being just episodes submitted for consideration and grew into fancy promotional presentations…

  • Beatles Go Digital

    Fourteen Fab Four albums scheduled for re-release on CD.

  • New Variety Editor Tim Gray Gets Grilled

    “You have to keep evolving, changing. This is another change. But it’s not going to be radical.”

  • ‘Feel a Change’ With Dylan

    “Feel a Change Comin’ On” is the second track to be released online from Dylan’s “Together Through Life” album.

  • Fox.com’s Roger Friedman Does Himself In Over ‘Wolverine’ Review

    Fox411 Columnist terminated, official firing on Monday

  • Obit: Jazz Flutist Bud Shank

    Bud Shank, a flutist and alto saxophonist who worked with a variety of jazz greats as well as famous pop acts such as the Mamas and the Papas, has died. He was 82. Shank died Thursday of pulmonary failure at his home in Tucson, Arizona, according to his Web site and JazzTimes magazine. Shank first…

  • Real World Hits Demi Moore and the Twitter Party

    Until now, Twitter seemed set apart from the real world. It was like some fantasy high school, where the entire point was passing clever notes to your friends all day – oh, and those friends include your favorite celebrities. Then on Friday, a 47-year-old woman in Silicon Valley whose Twitter name is “sandieguy” and whose…

  • How to Survive the Great Media Massacre

    With stable circulations and low costs, niche magazine publishers have no plans to ditch their traditional medium.

  • Twitterers Demand: More ‘Fake Walken’!

    After @CWalken, the fake Christopher Walken, was banished from Twitter on Friday, Twitter gave him a chance to comply with their “impersonation policy.” It reads: “Pretending to be another person or business as entertainment or in order to deceive is impersonation.  Non-parody impersonation is a violation of the TOS, specifically article 4 which states: You…

  • Month One: Great. Month Two: OhMyLordy.

    I’d been planning to check in with you readers as we close the first two months of TheWrap’s existence. But over the past three days, we’ve taken yet another spike upwards, and and all I can say is: Gulp. You never know what you’re going to get when you launch a website. You don’t know if…