• Michel Gondry to Direct “The Green Hornet” (press release)

    Director will steer Seth Rogen, Stephen Chow in Columbia Pictures’ film

  • Clooney Goes to the White House

    Actor and activist George Clooney, fresh from his visit to the region, brought his plea for peace in Darfur to the White House Monday night. Meeting with President Obama for 15 minutes and with Vice President Biden separately, Clooney pressed for immediate action. "I think somehow we should all know that these people are hanging […]

  • Mumbling From the Motion Picture Home

    The Motion Picture and Television Fund is still playing defense over its decision to close its Woodland Hills long-term nursing home and hospital. The media coverage continues to be negative, the public protests grow ever noisier and relatives of the residents now facing removal are about to file a lawsuit to try to block the […]

  • Movies Taking a Page From Music Piracy Handbook

    Now that the Oscars are in the books, and off the red carpet, some in Washington are beginning to ponder the future of movies. Robert Atkinson, who heads the Washington-based think tank Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, talked recently about the threat to the movies from piracy. With movies, music and even e-books available online for […]

  • “Slumming” Oscar’s After-Parties

    Guzzle a Slumdog or Wrestler vodka cocktail, rock with Prince or Sir Elton, dance with Madonna …

  • Backstage at the Oscars (a guest-blog)

    Judging by the reactions in the Oscar press room, the new and improved telecast was falling flat. Broadcast on eight flat-screen televisions in the room packed with 300 journalists, the telecast only elicited a handful of laughs from the distracted crowd. Hugh Jackman got a few chuckles for his robotic "Reader" dance, as did Whoopi […]

  • Oscars: TheWrap-Up

    It’s just like you were there: winners, backstage interviews, red-carpet slideshow, lots more!

  • Backstage with Sean Penn

    You actually remember Harvey Milk. Now that you’ve won the highest honor in Hollywood, what does it mean to you to be able to tell his story?   That means a lot to myself and to everybody involved not only in the movie, but anybody who believes in equal rights for human beings. And certainly […]

  • Backstage with Kate Winslet

    Do you have any thoughts about your wonderfully portrayed character, that she may evoke sympathy for a Nazi?   I don’t have any concerns. I can’t be responsible for the emotions an audience has for a film. If the audience has sympathy for Hannah and if they felt morally conflicted as a consequence, that would […]

  • Backstage with Heath Ledger’s Family

    Kate, you seem to be relatively calm and you must have been very nervous, and secondly, you mention that you and Heath had had the discussion that maybe this would be something he would be at. Tell us about that discussion. Kate – When he came home for Christmas a year ago, he had been […]

  • Backstage with Andrew Stanton, director of “Wall-E”

    Andrew Stanton, the director of “Wall-E”, talks to the press backstage after winning the Oscar for Best Animated Feature

  • Backstage with Dustin Lance Black

    You were inspired by Harvey Milk when you were a kid, when you were 13 and saw someone like you at the Oscars, what do you think that would have done for you as a kid?   I didn’t hear that as a 13 year old kid, I hope it makes you feel a bit […]

  • Backstage with Penelope Cruz

    What did you say in Spanish in your speech on stage?   I said that I wanted to dedicate it to all the actors of my country and all the people that are now watching there at home, and that are feeling that this also belongs to them. I want to dedicate it to them. […]

  • It’s a “Slumdog” Rout!

    More Oscars: Heath Ledger wins posthumously, Kate Winslet finally takes one home, and Sean Penn nabs a second.

  • How Celebrity Culture Killed the Oscars

    Here is the show’s equivalent of global warming: The Oscars rely on our fascination with celebrity, all too easily satisfied elsewhere.