• ‘Paper Man’ Kicks Off the L.A. Film Fest

    "Paper Man" kicked off Film Independent’s Los Angeles Film Festival Thursday evening, premiering to a packed audience of sales agents, indie actors and industry execs at Mann’s Village Theater. "Nobody knows what the times are for independent film, but it’s still alive and well, and any film that treats the audience responsibly has a shot,"…

  • Oy, Woody … Enough With the Dirty Old Men!

    Whenever we play that pick-up game of softball, we swing and miss exactly the same way we did before. And we’re just as appalled at our play as we were last time.   We order the same pepperoni that gives us heart burn. We make the same mistakes in love. And our friends know to…

  • Johnny Cash — and His Impersonator — Meet ‘Branson’

    When the documentary “Branson,” which comes to the Los Angeles Film Festival this weekend, catches an ornery Johnny Cash impersonator named Jackson Cash playing for free lunch at a food court in a Branson, Missouri, mall, it was flashback time for me. I’ve never been in the food court, but I was in that mall…

  • ‘Proposal’ Puts Bullock On Top With $34M

    ‘The Hangover’ keeps chugging along, dropping just 18 percent.

    ‘Proposal’ Puts Bullock On Top With $34M
  • Anchor Bay Acquires Dramedy ‘City Island’

    Andy Garcia stars alongside Emily Mortimer, Alan Arkin.

  • Trailer for New Disaster Film ‘2012’ (Video)

    Sony offers a first view of the next film from Roland Emmerich, director of “Independence Day.”

  • Is it a Summer Lull? Or a Balmy Recession?

    June. Summer. L.A. School’s out. Suddenly you can drive down Wilshire Boulevard at 5 p.m. and move more than 25 feet at a time. No one’s tearing to soccer practice, or late to a basketball game, or trying to make a guild screening or poach a client or close a contract. Most of that stuff’s…

  • Cinemark, Texas Instruments Make Digital Cinema Deal

    Follows recent Regal and AMC decisions to go with Sony.

  • Tip: Don’t Sell Pirated DVDs to MPAA Chief

    A China trip makes piracy personal for Dan Glickman.

    Tip: Don’t Sell Pirated DVDs to MPAA Chief
  • Overture Falls for ‘Celeste’

    Rashida Jones will star in and co-write the romantic comedy.

  • Larry David Grilled on Woody Allen

    On not screwing it up with Woody Allen, overcoming cold feet and being a real-life George … Costanza.

    Larry David Grilled on Woody Allen
  • A Gay Satirist Fears ‘Bruno’s’ Satire

    “I just don’t know if the majority of America is going to be able to get the subtext,” says “Prop 8: The Musical’s” Marc Shaiman.

  • Gay Hollywood Comes Out … Against ‘Bruno’

    Criticism from gay insiders led to reshoots on Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest satire.

    Gay Hollywood Comes Out … Against ‘Bruno’
  • Academy to Honor Hal Ashby

    Panel, screenings will be part of Oscar org’s salute.

  • Noyce, Jackson Out for ‘Blood’

    Indie is based on the thriller by Roger Smith.