• ‘Ribbon,’ ‘Prophet’ Take Top Cannes Honors

    Both bought by Sony Pictures; “Kinatay’s” Brillante Mendoza wins Best Director — see full list of winners

    ‘Ribbon,’ ‘Prophet’ Take Top Cannes Honors
  • ‘Coco and Igor’ Sounds and Looks Good, but …

    The closing night selection of the festival, "Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky," a tale of romance between historic figures, succeeded in the environment of its premiere simply because it was soothing on the eyes.   After 12 days of intense viewing sessions, the opportunity to gaze at something beautiful for two hours seemed like a…

  • ‘Dogtooth’ Drama Takes Cannes Prize for ‘Un Certain Regard’

    Ahead of Sunday evening’s announcement of the festival’s Palme d’Or winner, Cannes anointed its champions of the Un Certain Regard sidebar.   The winners are a refreshingly unique bunch that ought to benefit from the added attention. Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos’s "Dogtooth" took home the top honor, and I can attest to its merits.  …

  • Eli Roth Returns to Cannes as … an Actor?!

      Eli Roth sat on the balcony of the Carlton Hotel on the Croisette, while the waves of the French Riviera took on a magical glow in the sunlight behind him. He reveled in the glamorous backdrop.   "I’ve been to Cannes on the outside and the epicenter," he said. "Eight years ago, it was exciting just to sneak…

  • ‘Enter the Void’: Intense Even For Stars; Sony Buys ‘Prophet’

    Updated Friday:   Sony Pictures Classics bought the U.S. distribution rights to "A Prophet," probably the most popular film at the festival this year, and a front-runner for the Golden Palm.   The film is a two-and-half-hour crime thriller set in Corsica by French director Jacques Audiard. The film presents a challenge for American audiences, as…

  • Eli Roth Returns to Cannes as … an Actor

    The “Hostel” torture-porn director on his role as a Nazi alongside Brad Pitt in Tarantino’s “Basterds.”

    Eli Roth Returns to Cannes as … an Actor
  • Carrey, Zemeckis Board the ‘Christmas’ Train

    Disney’s 40-city marketing tour kicks off at L.A.’s Union Station and ends in New York.

  • Lights at the End of the Cannes Tunnel

    "I’m sort of done with watching movies," one journalist was overheard commenting, while in line for a screening on Thursday afternoon.   And so the late festival drag set in — fatigue from lengthy days in dark rooms and harsh sunlight generally starts to wear down Cannes attendees after a while, especially once the finish…

  • Michael Moore’s Next Doc Gets Oct. 2 Release Date

    Overture/Paramount Vantage project will tackle the current economic crisis.

  • IMDb Adds Streaming Docs From SnagFilms

    More than 700 titles will be available free on film and director pages.

  • Gilliam’s Emotional ‘Parnassus’ Ride After Heath Ledger’s Death

    The directorial career of Terry Gilliam provides a fascinating case study in independent artistry.   Since the ’80s, Gilliam has gone through innumerable clashes with production companies and various other parties to get his vision on the big screen. This has resulted in alternately strong creative achievements ("Brazil") and unfortunate misfires ("The Brothers Grimm"). In…

  • Who’s the Goriest Filmmaker at the Fest?

    With Nazi scalpings, genital mutilation and violent rape scenes appearing in various places throughout Cannes’ Official Competition, this year’s selection undoubtedly contains the most explicit content in recent memory. But while Lars Von Trier’s "Antichrist" — recently picked up for U.S. distribution by IFC Films — may offer the most infamously extreme image of the…

  • ‘T4’ Edges Out ‘Museum’ by $3 M

    Both films in a race for number one on Monday.

    ‘T4’ Edges Out ‘Museum’ by $3 M
  • Will Smith Tackles Katrina Project

    Actor will produce Sony film directed by John Lee Hancock.

  • Fox Debunks ‘Avatar’ Trailer Rumors

    Studio squelches rumors that it will premiere before “Transformers 2.”

    Fox Debunks ‘Avatar’ Trailer Rumors