• Obit: Former ABC TV Chief Mark Mandala

    Mark A. Mandala, the former president of ABC TV Network, died Saturday, while playing golf near his home in Vermont. He was 72. Mandala joined ABC in 1962, working both in sales and management positions in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and New York. In 1983, he was promoted to president of the ABC Owned […]

  • Comedy Central, Heder Pact For Laughs

    “Napoleon Dynamite” actor will star in sitcom for cabler.

  • Six Couples Who Want to Make Ya Dance!

    The biggest question about “So You Think You Can Dance” is not how they can do all those lifts and leaps but how they can stretch a show with only six couples into two full hours. That works out to twenty minutes per couple! I could’ve watched two full repeat episodes of “Real Housewives of […]

  • ‘Warehouse’ Rocks For Syfy

    Show’s debut for re-branded network outguns cable competition.

  • NBC Needs a College Course in Marketing

    I've been told never to speak ill of Joel McHale since my sister has a bit of a crush on the host of "The Soup" and the upcoming NBC comedy "Community." So before I get started, I want to clarify that this has nothing to do with Joel, just NBC's marketing department. It appears the […]

  • 31 Million Tune In For Jackson Memorial

    Event doesn’t top Ronald Reagan funeral viewership in 2004.

  • Ad Buyers to TV Execs: We Have The Upper Hand

    Two months after the upfront presentations, no advertising deals have been made.

    Ad Buyers to TV Execs: We Have The Upper Hand
  • TheWrap’s Sharon Waxman on Howard Kurtz’s ‘Reliable Sources’ on CNN

    “Is there too much Jackson coverage?”

  • Fox News Keeps Fending Off Rivals

    A shot in the arm for CNN hasn’t led to a ratings revolution.

    Fox News Keeps Fending Off Rivals
  • Thank You, Founding Fathers, for Chain Sex, Cancun and Katie Holmes

    Between the beer and the fireworks this weekend, let us take a moment to remember our founding fathers. It’s due to them that we have the right to vote, to speak freely — and to watch whichever trashy reality shows we deem fit. (I think they would enjoy “LA Ink.” They were rebels, ya’ll!)   "THE […]

  • Geri Jewell: It’s Always Back to Square One

    We need to change that word from ‘risk’ to ‘gift.’”

    Geri Jewell: It’s Always Back to Square One
  • Fawcett Remembered at L.A. Funeral

    “Angel’s’” life celebrated at a private funeral in the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in downtown Los Angeles.

  • ‘Syfy’ Having Identity Issues

    Cable channel having a very bad time with new name.

  • ‘DWTS’ Meets ‘Biggest Loser’

    Wow. I know that I often joke about Fox’s use of product placement and synergy, but last night’s “American Idol” really took the cake (especially since “Idol” is not even part of the summer line-up). How fortuitous for the network that Michael Jackson’s death gave them an excuse to replay a two-hour episode from this […]

  • Industry Ignores Those With Illnesses

    “If you had $11 million, would you bet it on somebody who has pancreatic cancer staying alive?”

    Industry Ignores Those With Illnesses