• Fawcett Funeral Set for Tuesday

    The private service was arranged by the actress’ longtime partner Ryan O’Neal.

    Fawcett Funeral Set for Tuesday
  • Reality Shows Under Fire

    Though a number of reality shows feature children as part of their formats, these five have come under unusually harsh criticism.

  • Warner’s TV to Invade ComicCon

    Stars from 11 series to show up for autograph signings, panels and screenings.

  • NBC Announces Fall Premiere Dates

    Jay Leno’s new talkshow kicks things off on Sept. 14.

  • Fawcett Dies of Cancer at 62

    Ryan O’Neal and friends were gathered at her hospital beside; was given last rites Thursday morning.

    Fawcett Dies of Cancer at 62
  • The Ben Silverman-Barack Obama Show

    It’s a White House visit for Ben Silverman, co-chair of NBC Entertainment and Universal Studios.   In Washington for Wednesday night’s premiere of “The Philanthropist” that was co-sponsored by the Creative Coalition and Microsoft’s Bing search engine,  Silverman was due Thursday to join the star of the program, James Purefoy, and others involved in the…

  • Premieres + Finales = Reality Heaven!

    Sheesh, with all the reality events this week, I barely had a chance to read my US Weekly! Thankfully, there was plenty of downtime during the endless “I’m a Celebrity" flashback clips. Among the premieres were “The Real World Cancun,” “NYC Prep,” “America’s Got Talent” and something called “The Superstars.” Then we had to bid…

  • CBS Plays It Traditional for Premiere Week

    The network’s fall season starts with “Survivor: Samoa” on Sept. 17.

  • Obama to First-Pitch the All-Star Game

    It only seems logical, really.   President Obama, a longtime Chicago White Sox fan who sometimes would show up on the campaign trail wearing a Sox hat, is returning the tradition of the president throwing out the first ball at the Major League Baseball All-Star Game.   Major League Baseball said Tuesday that Obama would…

  • Conan’s Tribute to Ed McMahon

    Video from “The Tonight Show” Tuesday night.

  • Time Warner, Comcast Unite for Online TV Viewing

    TV Everywhere initiative will start with TNT, TBS and only be available to cable subscribers.

  • Pull the Plug on Jon & Kate

    An open letter to David Zaslav, President and CEO, Discovery Communications: Dear Mr. Zaslav: Time’s up. We’ve all had our laughs by now. Made the snarky comments and stupid puns. Now it’s time for you to act like a grown-up, in the absence of other grown-ups. Cancel that show. The announcement about the Gosselins’ decision…

  • Tarzana’s PARS-TV Gets Word Out to Iran

    Hossein Hedjazi’s political news is beamed to his ex-countrymen by a makeshift satellite network.

  • Obit: Longtime Johnny Carson sidekick Ed McMahon

    Longtime Johnny Carson sidekick and TV host Ed McMahon died in his sleep early Tuesday morning at the UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center in Los Angeles. Although no official cause of death is known yet, the man who sat by Carson’s side on “The Tonight Show” from 1962 to 1992 — and who created the…