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CBS Boss Talks ‘Supergirl,’ Stephen Colbert and James Corden

TCA 2015: Nina Tassler reflects on upcoming superhero project and late-night changes to network

CBS Entertainment chairman Nina Tassler discussed a number of topics at the Television Critics Association press tour on Monday, including the upcoming series “Supergirl” and the additions of Stephen Colbert and James Corden to the network’s late-night roster.

During her appearance, Tassler also talked down the importance of overnight ratings, which she said “continue to disappear in relevance.”

“Our business is changing, and we are changing with it,” Tassler said. “We’re no longer a business that’s simply about overnights or 18 to 49. It’s about finding all viewers, wherever they are, whenever they watch.”

Discussing the network’s upcoming superhero series “Supergirl,” Tassler offered, “I think we’re seeing a revolution in the way that superheroes are portrayed,” citing the humanity and flaws that the super-powered are now allowed to display.

“We heard the pitch for ‘Supergirl,’ and we realized that she embodied so many of the qualities and the characteristics of so many classic female heroines on the network,” Tassler added.

Asked about reports that ousted former “Two and a Half Men” star Charlie Sheen would return to guest-star on the comedy, which is heading toward a series finale, Tassler declined to discuss specifics, saying, “Chuck [Lorre] is an extraordinary showrunner. I can promise you there will be a lot of surprises … he has promised to deliver what he calls a ‘mystery sandwich.'”

Tassler also teased significant shifts for the Halle Berry sci-fi series “Extant,” which is heading into a second season.

“There is a big change in supporting cast … Molly’s character [played by Berry] is going to be much more proactive this year,” she said.”

That’s the fun part about our summer series … we can make sort of big, broad, sweeping changes, and audiences are embracing it as part of the adventure of the show,” Tassler added.

During the panel, Tassler noted that Stephen Colbert — who will inherit the host slot on “The Late Show” from David Letterman — is still hashing out the program’s format.

During the panel, Tassler noted that Stephen Colbert — who’ll inherit the host slot on “The Late Show” from David Letterman — is still hashing out the format that he’ll apply to the show.

“They’ve actually just moved into their offices. They have just started working … he has almost all of his creative team from ‘The Colbert Report’ coming to work with him. He will have music on his show. He’s said repeatedly that, ‘I have to be as entertaining as my guests,’ so he certainly will have guests on the show. Whether or not he’s going to start with his opening monologue, he’s working on that right now. But clearly he knows that he is introducing himself, the real Stephen Colbert, to his audience, and he’s really putting a lot of attention on making sure that the show is still topical, is still relevant, still dealing with current events.”

Regarding James Corden, who’ll be taking over “The Late Late Show” from Craig Ferguson later this year, Tassler said, “He’s a combination of Jack Black and Fred Astaire. He’s pretty magic.”