Changes Afoot for ‘So You Think You Can Dance’

Old contestants will partner with new ones, 10 finalists this year not 20

"So You Think You Can Dance," is shaking things up for its seventh season, limiting the number of finalists and partnering them with dancing stars from previous seasons.

In place of 20 finalists, the judges will pick only 10 dancers (five girls and five guys) from the thousands that audition this season, meaning that only one dancer will be eliminated every week.

Though ratings from the Fox show have remained strong, programs such as "America’s Got Talent" have made steady incursions into its audience. To that end, creator Nigel Lythgoe has been teasing out some of big changes on his Twitter account recently that the show’s production team will keep audiences on board.

In addition to the return of all-star "So You Think You Can Dance" contestants, Lythgoe has previously said that dancers will switch partners every week.

The all-stars will be tapped from across the show’s past six seasons, but only competitors from this season will be voted on by the public. Further, competitors will no longer be allowed to choose the genres of dance that they compete in, Lythgoe tweeted on Monday.

But making too many changes to a good thing can sometimes be a dicey proposition.

As Kath, the editor of and a longtime "Dancing with the Stars" fan tweeted "As a MAJOR SYTYCD fan, I’m not sure how I feel about these changes. I don’t watch DWTS for a reason."