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Denise Richards: You Should Get Charlie Sheen on ‘The View’ (Video)

”Two and a Half Men“ star’s ex-wife dishes and doesn’t on actor’s antics and addictions on Barabra Walters’ talk show Friday

Charlie Sheen may be a handful but if you want to know if he’s an addict, don’t ask Denise Richards.

Guest hosting on “The View” Friday, the former Mrs. Sheen deflected a question on her ex’s substance use by saying “It's honestly not my place to judge this situation. You should have him on the show.”

She may not judge, but Charlie's ex-wife, who later Friday thanked fans for their "positive feedback" on her Twitter page, did make it clear that Sheen's behavior is nothing new.

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"This is Charlie's lifestyle," Richards said of Sheen Friday. "He makes no bones about it. It is what it is."

"This isn't new,” Richards added. “This is something I've dealt with for years. There are times when his life is more colorful and more public than others. This is a subject I had hoped to talk to the children about when they got older."

Sheen and Richards’ daughters Lola and Sam, are six and seven years old respectively. "I've had to have a couple conversations with them at this point," Richards said on “The View.”

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Maybe Barabra Walters and gang will soon have the “Two and a Half Men” star on for a conversation of their own. After all, Charlie did call into the Dan Patrick Show twice this week. Hard partying Sheen, whose hit CBS sitcom starts filming again on Feb. 28 after the star took a month of home rehab, also wasn’t hesitant about getting into a public back and forth with “Men” producer Chuck Lorre about their show and who would outlive who.

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Richards wouldn’t get into any of that but the actress, who was married to Sheen from 2002 to 2006, did say on “The View” that Charlie’s behavior has created “a very difficult situation.”

That's an understatement.

In late October, Sheen was discovered in his suite in the Plaza Hotel in NYC naked and in the midst of a meltdown with a porn star cowering in the bathroom. Richards and the couple’s daughters, who Sheen was joining for a trip to the Big Apple, were in a room of their own just down the hall when the incident occurred.

"I do the best I can," Richards told the talk show hosts and audience on the subject of Sheen's antics and the effect it has on her and their daughters, "and it's not easy."

No, it probably isn't.