Charlie Sheen Claims ‘Discussions’ About Return to ‘Men’

But take everything he says with seven-gram rocks of salt

In Boston for his national tour, Charlie Sheen told radio station 98.5 WBZ-FM that "there's been discussions" about him returning to "Two and a Half Men."

But you may want to take what Sheen says with seven-gram rocks of salt: Sheen told a Philadelphia station three days before he was fired from the show that he expected a deal soon to bring it back from hiatus.

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"I was asked not to divulge anything," Sheen told the Boston station Tuesday. "Had they told me at the end of Season 8 that that behavior wasn't going to be cool, I would have adjusted it."

Despite his $100 million lawsuit against show creator Chuck Lorre and Warner Bros. TV, Sheen has sounded somewhat conciliatory lately, saying he would like to return to the show. He said in his New York stage show Sunday that Lorre "doesn't completely suck."

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CBS and Warner Bros. TV did not immediately respond to requests for comment.