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Charlie Sheen: Rob Lowe Can Replace Me on ‘Two and a Half Men’

Sheen also half apologizes to Jon Cryer, says he wants to ”jump in the ring“ with Dr. Drew Pinsky

Charlie Sheen is okay with Rob Lowe replacing him on "Two and a Half Men" — not that anyone at CBS or Warner Bros. TV cares what he wants.

The actor said in a call in to Los Angeles radio station K-Earth 101 that he has spoken to Rob Lowe, who the New York Post reported Tuesday is on a short list to replace him. Sheen said he thought Lowe — or even John Stamos, who he has derided in the past — could do a good job.

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"I've been talking to Rob, he's a buddy of mine, he's a beautiful man, he's a brilliant actor, and I hope he does it and kicks its ass because I still get pa-zaid," Sheen said.

He also apologized, sort of, to former co-star Jon Cryer, for calling him a "traitor." He said he was "in a mood" at the time, but later in the interview insulted his line readings.

"It's kind of a half apology," he said. "It's an apol."

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Sheen also said he thought he and Dr. Drew Pinsky should "jump in the ring and he should see how unstable these fists of flaming fury are." Pinksy starred in a VH1 special Monday called “Charlie Sheen: Winning or Losing It? With Dr. Drew.”

Sheen's comments on the possibility of Lowe replacing him should be taken with seven-gram rocks of salt, as his predictions about the show have been wrong before. On Friday, three days before his firing, he told another radio station he believed a deal was close to bring him back to the show.

Also, Lowe is already on NBC's "Parks & Recreation." But he has left an NBC show before: "The West Wing," starring Sheen's father, Martin Sheen.

Still, Sheen said either Lowe or Stamos could do fine.

"I'm sure they could," he said. "I would recommend they consider… just making it their own. Make it your own. Don't look at the 177 episodes that I brilliantly did. Just park those. … Cancel your Sheen app."

On his "Sheen's Korner," live stream Tuesday, Sheen sounded less excited about the prospect of being replaced. Addressing show creator Chuck Lorre, he again likened Lorre's  jokes to "tin cans" and described whoever replaced him as a "pathetic carcass":

"Good luck with those tin cans, sh–brain, in the mushmouth of some pathetic carcass you so arrogantly attempted to trade out for this warlock," Sheen said.

Sheen was also asked on K-Earth about Warner Bros. TV's contention that it has outtakes showing him botching his lines, which the studio used to bolster its case for his firing. Sheen said he would look good compared to Cryer, explaining that the show often uses the phrase "popping the bubble" when someone blows a line.

"Jon's a bubble popper," he said. "And it's okay because it makes it fun for the audience."

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